In 2021, Days of Impact will be held in North Denmark Region, with Aalborg as the host city.

The participants are a selection of local and relevant companies, foundations, investors, the public, NGOs, private businesses, and 20 social and sustainable entrepreneurs who apply through an open call and are selected based on a number of criteria.

We expect between 50 – 100 selected participating guests, depending on the applicable guidelines for assemblies at that point in time. 

Days of Action is three follow-up events that will be held afterwards focusing on specific areas defined at Days of Impact. The purpose of Days of Action is to create local support and implementation for the participants and their initiatives.

With Days of Impact in the regions, DISIE will strengthen local ecosystems around sustainable entrepreneurs and draw threads between the most important stakeholders throughout Denmark, thereby building a nation-wide network. This will contribute to Denmark maintaining their lead as an innovative, sustainable pioneer, together with the selected partners.

Discover the 2021 program by clicking the download link