Sustainable Innovation

We need to make a choice between ‘business as usual’ or a sustainable future. Our society calls for new knowledge and new solutions, and the key to this is the new generations of entrepreneurs.

Days of Impact invites the new generations of sustainable entrepreneurs to take action and bring their innovative ideas and solutions out in the open. Days of Impact will open new doors and opportunities by building a strong ecosystem, promoting sustainable entrepreneurship and helping the participating impact startups to unleash their full potential. Participants will gain essential knowledge, access to a broad spectrum of actors that work within the same scope and hands-on experience and tools that stimulate further acceleration of the emerging businesses. 

A case competition will be launched for the participating impact startups who will receive case-specific sparring on their individual challenges, and be supported to refine their solutions. The winner of the case competition will receive a cash prize as financial support to realize and implement their solution.

Participate in Days of Impact to make a difference and to become an exemplar of how to actively contribute to our societal transformation towards a better future. 

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Impact Startups

  • Meet potential investors for your business and discover new ways to create business within sustainability
  • Meet possible future partners
  • Contribute to creating an ecosystem made by impact startups for impact startups
  • Participate in the case competition with the opportunity to win a cash prize to support you in overcoming current challenges.
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  • Meet impact startups aligning with your fund's strategy
  • Acquire the latest knowledge on how to financially support impact startups
  • Take a leading role in supporting social entrepreneurship and build your network
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Impact Investors

  • Meet the most innovative impact startups in Denmark and help them with their mission to create a sustainable society
  • Actively collaborate with partners and support social entrepreneurship
  • Acquire knowledge on how to invest towards the Sustainable Development Goals
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Private Sector

  • Get hands-on experience on how to create impact in society
  • Identify potential partners and new ways to create business within sustainability
  • Boost sustainable business and attract young talents
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Public Sector

  • Support social entrepreneurs in their journey towards a better society
  • Discover new solutions on how to solve some of the public sector challenges
  • Gain knowledge and real tools on how to improve the sustainability scope in the public sector
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  • Meet new potential partners
  • Find solutions to your challenges through innovation
  • Network with organisations working at your same scope