AALBORG – 24.11.2021

SLAGELSE – 7.12.2021

NATIONAL – 22.04.2022

2021 Partners

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Days of Impact gather the ecosystem around sustainable and social entrepreneurs

Days of Impact is organized by DISIE – Danish Institute for Sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurship. DISIE is one of Denmark’s leading impact hubs for sustainable and social entrepreneurs

Days of impact is a nationwide concept held in selected cities in Denmark, the concept is a hybrid between a conference, a network event and a case competition.

The purpose is to establish a nationwide network for sustainable entrepreneurs and build supportive structures around their sustainable initiatives. We want to ensure that the innovative solutions found in the new generation of entrepreneurs can strengthen Denmark as a sustainable pioneer. We need a strong ecosystem to do so and with Days of Impact we bring together Denmark’s most promising entrepreneurs and central stakeholders from the ecosystem, including foundations, investors, NGOs, public and private companies. To ensure knowledge sharing and local anchoring, several follow-up Days of Action workshops are held.

Days of Action are action-oriented activities that ensure knowledge, partnerships and solutions are implemented by working in depth with the identified challenges.

Days of Impact 2021

During Fall 2021, Days of Impact will be held in the North Denmark Region (Aalborg) and the Region Zealand (Slagelse). In December we gather the most talented sustainable entrepreneurs from Denmark for a final, national event at Christiansborg. The participating entrepreneurs have the opportunity to win a cash prize sponsored by the One Life Foundation to further scale their businesses. 

Last year, 2020, Days of Impact was held in the Central Denmark Region (Herning) and the Region of Southern Denmark (Esbjerg), where 40 sustainable entrepreneurs were acknowledged for their impactful initiatives. Explore previous events here.


We need to make a choice between ‘business as usual’ or a sustainable future. Our society calls for new knowledge and new solutions, and the key to this is the new generations of entrepreneurs. Days of Impact invites the new generations of sustainable and social entrepreneurs to take action and bring their innovative ideas and solutions out in the open.

Days of Impact will open new doors and opportunities by building a strong ecosystem, promoting sustainable entrepreneurship and helping the participating impact startups to unleash their full potential. Participants will gain essential knowledge, access to a broad spectrum of actors that work within the same scope and hands-on experience and tools that stimulate further acceleration of the emerging businesses.

A case competition will be launched for the participating impact startups who will receive case-specific sparring on their individual challenges, and be supported to refine their solutions. The winner of the case competition will receive a cash prize as financial support to realize and implement their solution.

Participate in Days of Impact to make a difference and to become an exemplar of how to actively contribute to our societal transformation towards a better future.


The concept Days of Impact consists of a hybrid between a conference, a network event and a case competition, where all invited entrepreneurs and guests actively participate.

The purpose is to support and promote social and sustainable entrepreneurship by building and strengthening the fragmented Danish ecosystem. With Days of Impact, DISIE brings together Denmark’s most promising sustainable entrepreneurs and stakeholders, including foundations, investors, NGOs, public and private companies. Together, the participants address the most pressing challenges within the field and develop solutions that contribute to the scaling of the entrepreneurs’ impact and contribution to Denmark as a sustainable entrepreneurial nation.

In 2021 Days of Impact will be held in the North Denmark Region (Aalborg) and in Region Zealand (Slagelse). In December the national event will be held at Christiansborg in Copenhagen, where five finalists from each of the regional events will be awarded a place at the final, national event at Christiansborg.

In collaboration with our Days of Impact partners, the entrepreneurs go through various workshops to strengthen the sustainable business models. The day’s outcome is a pitch deck that is presented on stage with the opportunity to win a cash prize. The entrepreneurs are judged on the solutions created on the day, rather than on the basis of their regular business pitch.

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Impact Startups

  • Meet potential investors for your business and discover new ways to create business within sustainability
  • Meet possible future partners
  • Contribute to creating an ecosystem made by impact startups for impact startups
  • Participate in the case competition with the opportunity to win a cash prize to support you in overcoming current challenges.
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  • Meet impact startups aligning with your fund's strategy
  • Acquire the latest knowledge on how to financially support impact startups
  • Take a leading role in supporting social entrepreneurship and build your network
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Impact Investors

  • Meet the most innovative impact startups in Denmark and help them with their mission to create a sustainable society
  • Actively collaborate with partners and support social entrepreneurship
  • Acquire knowledge on how to invest towards the Sustainable Development Goals
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Private Sector

  • Get hands-on experience on how to create impact in society
  • Identify potential partners and new ways to create business within sustainability
  • Boost sustainable business and attract young talents
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Public Sector

  • Support social entrepreneurs in their journey towards a better society
  • Discover new solutions on how to solve some of the public sector challenges
  • Gain knowledge and real tools on how to improve the sustainability scope in the public sector
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  • Meet new potential partners
  • Find solutions to your challenges through innovation
  • Network with organisations working at your same scope



“Being a part of Days of Impact 2020 and also fortunate enough to win the 2020 competition has contributed in many ways to our business and especially to the awareness about our brand and circular services. As a result of the participation we have expanded our network, gained new professional competencies to our advisory board as well as been highlighted as an important stakeholder within the impact industry.”

Solveig Søndergaard, CEO, Sheworks
Winner of Days of Impact 2020


”I am 8 months into this project without a salary and we are starting to buy hardware & components for the pilot projects. This prize saved us from going negative.
Also, we already have had meetings with potential partners that came out of the event, and even initiated first angel investor conversations next week, thanks to that event. So we really appreciate the event and prize.“

Jeppe Rasmussen, CEO, Be Resourceful,
Winner of Days of Impact 2019


“Days of Impact facilitated our company’s travel into a greener future and opened up a new world of opportunities. We met interesting firms and stakeholders who burn for what they do.  For us Days of Impact catalyzed access to a new and exciting business segment, while further encouraging our contribution to a greener planet.”

Jesper Rasmussen, Co-founder & CEO,
C5 Innovation ApS
Finalist 2020